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We do not charge you to connect you to divorce resources. We only charge you $299.99 for our 1-Hour Divorce Strategy Call. Our goal is to save you $10,000’s with our divorce strategies.

We are not a law firm or attorney. However, we can connect you to one if you would like.

All the Divorce resources you need or want in one place. Our resources have been EXACTLY where you are at and can help educate and guide you through the Divorce process. Our resources are here to listen and support, help you avoid costly divorce mistakes, help you connect to resources you may need or want during the process, provide you with creative strategies to help you accomplish your Divorce goals, and to make the Divorce process as smooth as possible.

We will hop on a quick call to learn about your situation and see how we may be able to help you. If your situation is simple, we will provide basic education and connect you to resources that you feel will be helpful for your situation. If your situation is complex, we will schedule a 1-Hour Divorce Strategy Call for $299.99 to help you strategize and identify resources that may be helpful for your situation.

The earlier our resources are contacted, the better. This allows them to help you identify resources that you may need or want through the divorce process. You tend to save a lot more money overall when meeting with them sooner. More often than not – people have ‘blind spots’ that could cost them thousands of dollars during their divorce and unnecessary stress. Our resources are trained to spot blind spots early & shine light on solutions that you can begin applying fast.

We are connected with all sorts of Divorce Professionals. Our resource list consists of Attorneys, Mediators, Divorce Real Estate Specialists/Brokers(CDRE-Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert), Divorce Mortgage Specialists/Brokers(CDLP-Certified Divorce Lending Professional), Divorce Insurance Specialists/Brokers, Financial Advisors(CDFA-Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), Certified Public Accountants(CPA), Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Divorce Coaches, Therapists, Support Groups, and many more.

When a professional specializes in Divorce, it shows their seriousness and passion for helping people going through a Divorce. Most Divorce specialists have been through a Divorce themselves so they understand what you’re going through, and exactly how to navigate the situation for a more positive outcome. A specialist spends a significant amount of time honing their craft. When you have a big problem in life(Divorce being one of them), it is best to work with someone who specializes. After all, you wouldn’t want a Dentist operating on your heart…..just like you wouldn’t want just any Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Loan Officer helping you during or after your Divorce, you would want to work with someone who specializes in Divorce Real Estate and Divorce Mortgage to help you avoid costly irrevocable mistakes. Contact our resources today to learn more about how they can help you.

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    Two things reign supreme with Ryan. Firstly, he gets the job done... I honestly don't know how he does it, but he's helped several of my clients get their loan... read more

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